Varicose veins without surgery

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are diseased veins that are not fulfilling their function, they allow the blood to circulate against the current and that does not benefit us.

When they are removed, the circulation of the leg tissues is not affected., only a percentage of what circulates through the skin. The veins in the skin are like a network in which there is another exit at the next crossing, where the blood can find a way out. That is why the body always compensates by developing other paths. But if the loss of veins is abundant, parallel veins could grow in and facilitate the appearance of new varicose veins in the future.

How do we treat it?

Our treatment system is a combination of injectable products that includes vitamins and nutrients, which we call "Blasto-stimulation".

It produces an irritation of the varicose vein that achieves its disappearance after the healing process of the inflammatory reaction that we provoke.. The vein shrinks, its wall hardens and will not be able to expand again, but the reaction is not excessive, so it usually allows the recanalization of the vein in the medium term, thus avoiding the overload of the parallel veins and the facility for more varicose veins to appear soon.

Our Treatments

In a first free informative consultation we assess your case, we confirm the diagnosis, we plan the treatment and we budget for it at a “fixed price” to avoid final surprises.

Our complete safety in our treatments allows us to offer our patients a guarantee of the result.. We ensure the profitability of an investment that, Although it is not covered by insurance companies or Social Security, expanding treatment as necessary without price increases. If you are interested in what you hear, Call now!

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Why Are Women Affected More?

There are two types of varicose veins, large varicose veins and small varicose veins. The ones that dominate in women are the little ones. Large subcutaneous varicose veins have a similar incidence in both sexes. Small varicose veins have a higher incidence in women due to sex hormones. This is similar to baldness in men. When the genetic predisposition is very high, can develop in the absence of female hormones, but it is usually very rare.

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Why trust us?

Very easy, At Clínicas Mejórate we have a team full of highly qualified professionals, specialized in various techniques and in continuous training. It should also be said that we have the best prices in the Vega Baja.

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Aesthetic or Health Problem?

Varicose veins that can affect health are the truncated. Can produce thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, venous ulcers in the legs and other complications that can put the life at risk of the sufferer in advanced stages.
The spider veins, the small varicose veins, they do not usually cause serious health risks except in older people with very large spiders and sometimes a little friction can cause very large bleeding, but it is not very common.


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