Pelvic floor

The Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is a set of muscles and ligaments that close the abdominal cavity. Its function is to support the pelvic organs (bladder and urethra, uterus and vagina; and straight) in the proper position for normal operation.

It is believed that this structure is shaped like a hammock but this idea is wrong, we should rather imagine a suspension bridge. In this imaginary bridge we would have the sacrum at one end and the pubis on the other side.. Suspender cables, that thanks to its adequate tension would keep the bridge firm, would be mainly the supporting ligaments.

The Clinic

At Clínica Mejórate we consider that the hands of our professionals are the best tool to treat different injuries, that is why we are firmly committed to therapy, a group of specific techniques for the treatment of pain and other symptoms of neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction that are applied manually or instrumentally.

Manual therapy is primarily intended to regain movement in the joints, soothe joint pain, muscular etc., and the immediate improvement of the individual's functionality.

Our team

The team , consists of several physiotherapists, specialized in various techniques and in continuous training and directed by Trinidad Sánchez Fuentes, center manager. Physiotherapy is the non-pharmacological answer to treating physical ailments, These are therapeutic treatments to help the patient regain mobility or functionality of any limb.

The Get Well Clinic, is a site with the best professionals to carry out treatments and help recovery from injuries. Call us now!

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Myths about Pipi

Loss is not normal, and neither are we tanker trucks that have to put up with pee for hours. Urine leaks cause us millions of discomforts, how are the bad smell, not being able to do as much exercise as we would like or not being able to fully enjoy a sexual relationship due to having losses while having sex. There is a treatment, where you can get rid of urine leaks and lead a completely normal life, no need to use uncomfortable pads. The use of these is increasing, being an indispensable element for women, assuming a great expense.

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Male myths

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about all the problems related to women, but all these problems also occur in men, AND, IN MEN. Much less is said about the problems that affect them, but like women they can suffer similar problems.

Myths About Sex

IT IS NOT NORMAL, despite the fact that for many years it has been said that after childbirth the woman should have a decrease in pleasure during sex, all of this is a LIE. Our sexual relations, thanks to the physiotherapy treatment of the pelvic floor, they can be completely pleasant, no pain and no discomfort. In the treatment, pelvic floor muscles are worked, to strengthen or relax them. On many occasions, the decrease in pleasure during sex or pain appears due to an excess force, due to excessive closure of the vagina, thus preventing sexual intercourse from occurring smoothly and painlessly. Itching and stinging related to sexual intercourse, They can also appear due to this excess closure, since when pain appears, the body does not receive it as something pleasant and the area is not properly lubricated.


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