Infant Respiratory

Respiratory problems

There are chest diseases that manifest in different ways in pediatric patients.

The severity of any respiratory illness in children, it will depend on how your immune system is developing. For them it is essential to carry out pertinent pediatric consultations, to check the integral development of the infant. It is important that you be aware of all the symptoms that your child may have and see a specialist if necessary to act in time for respiratory diseases and treat them. !You can now make an appointment online before it is later!

The Clinic

At Clínica Mejórate we consider that the hands of our professionals are the best tool to treat different injuries, that is why we are firmly committed to therapy, a group of specific techniques for the treatment of pain and other symptoms of neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction that are applied manually or instrumentally.

Manual therapy is primarily intended to regain movement in the joints, soothe joint pain, muscular etc., and the immediate improvement of the individual's functionality.

Our team

The team , consists of several physiotherapists, specialized in various techniques and in continuous training and directed by Trinidad Sánchez Fuentes, center manager. Physiotherapy is the non-pharmacological answer to treating physical ailments, These are therapeutic treatments to help the patient regain mobility or functionality of any limb.

The Get Well Clinic, is a site with the best professionals to carry out treatments and help recovery from injuries. Call us now!

About us

How do we solve the problems?

First, we will carry out an accurate examination of the small, in order to assess the child's pathologies.

In many cases, the problems we will find, are related to different areas of the body and we must balance them, to achieve optimal performance and full growth of the child in all necessary aspects.

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Say No to Self-Medication

As professionals we recommend that you do not resort to self-medication of your baby, At Clínica Mejórate we have the best specialists in the area of ​​Pediatrics in Torrevieja, They will be happy to assist you and improve the health of your little one.

When should you go to the pediatric service?

It is normal for a novice parent to want to go immediately to the pediatrician in the presence of any symptoms of illness in their baby, but, sometimes it is not necessary, some symptoms can be treated at home, if your baby has any of the symptoms listed below, then go immediately to our pediatric professionals. Persistent fever of 38 ° C or higher, Breathing difficulties, your baby is breathing fast or hard, Rashes, Diarrhea, The baby is drowsy, You have a frequent and severe cough


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