Osteopathy consists of a variety of techniques that are used to treat conditions and ailments through non-invasive treatment, the objective of osteopathy is basically to achieve that the patient achieves the total balance of his body.

Before applying any type of treatment, the osteopath not only focuses on the injury or ailment, but also in the person, in this way you can put into practice the most suitable manual technique to remove the pain, return functionality or simply promote overall well-being.

The Clinic

On Get Well Clinic we consider that the hands of our professionals are the best tool to treat the different injuries, that is why we are firmly committed to therapy, a group of specific techniques for the treatment of pain and other symptoms of neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction that are applied manually or instrumentally.

Manual therapy is primarily intended to regain movement in the joints, soothe joint pain, muscular etc., and the immediate improvement of the individual's functionality.

Our team

In our Clinic Get Well, in Alicante, you will find the best osteopaths in the area, prepared to treat any of these conditions.

Our osteopaths, like any good professional in the area, it will not focus only on the symptoms you are presenting, will go to the root of the problem, Your body is a whole and this is how our professionals see it to achieve balance with your body, achieving comprehensive well-being. For this and much more, do not hesitate for a second to call and tell us about your problem. You can also request an appointment online.

About us

What is an Osteopath?

As an osteopath, a professional is known who, after completing his / her regulatory training process, is able to implement treatments to treat various dysfunctions of the body, for these professionals, their hands are their tools. To make proper use of your hands in each treatment, an osteopath must learn the morphology of the different parts of the body.

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An Osteopath is able to evaluate, diagnose and treat.

Osteopaths are primary healthcare professionals who provide osteopathic services. Osteopaths have years of study and a deep understanding of the body and how it works.

What to Expect at an Osteopathy Appointment?

An osteopath uses physical manipulation to strengthen joint mobility, relieve muscle tension and improve blood supply. The goal of treatment is to improve the overall health of all body systems by manipulating and strengthening the musculoskeletal structure..

Osteopaths also give advice on posture, exercises to help a speedy recovery and to prevent symptoms from reappearing.


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