Dental cleaning

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning, consists of the removal of tartar or dental calculus (calcium and phosphorus deposits) that forms around the teeth.
It is usually carried out with ultrasound devices, although there are cases in which it is necessary to perform it manually

When: once a year, As minimum. To who: to anyone who presents tartar. Why: to keep gums healthy and prevent inflammation, bleeding or infections.

How is it done?

The first phase consists of removing plaque and tartar deposits. An ultrasonic tool is often used to remove most of the tartar and, then other manual elements are used to scrape off any debris.

The next phase consists of polishing the teeth so that the surface is really smooth. Polishing removes stains and leaves teeth smooth and shiny.

How often?

Each patient has a different denture and, therefore, different needs. Although it is true that it is usually said that cleaning should be applied at least once a year, there are patients who need more than one, either due to poor oral hygiene habits or the type of teeth you have. In some cases, the option of going to the clinic every six months may be the most recommended

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Does the patient suffer?

If dental cleaning is performed by a qualified and experienced professional, it should not cause any harm to the patient's teeth or gums.. A poorly done oral cleaning, even if it is a simple dental treatment to execute, could cause pain in the patient and this can only happen with professionals with a dubious reputation. Go ahead and make an appointment!

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A Dentist is able to evaluate, diagnose and treat.

Dentists are primary health care professionals who provide dental services. Dentists have years of study and a deep understanding of dentures and how they work.

Steps we take

- Clinic history: On the first day of the visit, we fill in a sheet with a series of personal health questions, habits and expectations of the patient.
- Exploration: an examination of the mouth is performed to assess whether it is possible to start whitening, or on the contrary if there is any contra indication or necessary pre-treatment.
- Take the initial color: with our shade guide we take the initial color of the teeth.
- Teeth cleaning: so that the teeth are more receptive to the product,we clean the outer part of the teeth that we will whiten.
- Whitening treatment: By gel, applied over your personal splint, tailored to the patient.
- Reviews - results control.


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