Dental implantology is the one that deals with the study of plastic materials within or on the jawbones to support dental rehabilitation. Aims to replace missing teeth by surgically placing an implant in the jaw bone. Implantology is used to replace missing teeth, through implants that are placed in the jaw bone. There are prostheses of different sizes that allow the restoration of functions

Dental implants

Dental implants can be of different sizes, surfaces and materials. Prosthetic restorations are designed on the implants that will allow to restore the masticatory functions, phonetic and aesthetic of the patient. The choice of the type of implant to be placed in patients is based on the diagnosis, prognosis and interdisciplinary treatment plan between the general dentist and a surgical specialist, periodontics or prosthodontics.

Implant Material

At the Get Well Clinic, the composition of dental implants is always titanium since it is medically proven that titanium is a metal that is fully compatible with the human body, that does not generate allergies or rejections, so when placing them in the necessary areas, serve as a solid foundation for maintaining the prosthesis. Thus maintaining the same function as the other teeth. The shape of each implant usually respects a general tonic, so that the bottom part that is inserted is shaped like a screw.

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Solution to Lost Teeth

With implants that consist of a metallic titanium root and an upper part of material similar to that of the tooth, we get our patients to regain their lost smile so much, such as the ability to eat and speak without problems.

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A dentist is able to evaluate, diagnose and treat.

Dentists are primary health care professionals who provide dental services. Dentists have years of study and a deep understanding of the denture and how it works.

Importance of Implantology and Prosthesis

Sometimes patients are very aware of the implant (Surgery), but not the quality of the prosthesis that they are going to select, and the choice of the prosthesis is very important because the final result to be achieved with the implant will depend on it.. Here the priority is to always choose products that provide security. We can find products of different prices that work very well when placed in the implants, and that perfectly comply with quality standards.


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