anal fissures

What are they?

An anal fissure is a small tear in the thin, moist tissue that lines the anus.. Anal fissure can occur when you pass large, hard stools. Anal fissures often cause pain and bleeding during bowel movements. You may also feel spasms in the ring of muscle at the end of the anus. (anal sphincter).

Anal fissures are very common in young babies, although they can also affect people of any age.

Alternative Treatments

Alternative treatments to surgery for diseases such as hemorrhoids and fissures have appeared for a long time., which are the most common of the anus. Some of them have been fads, but others have managed to demonstrate its effectiveness and improve it over time. Today we are in a position to offer an effective solution, without surgery, no income, without pain, no sick leave and affordable, for most patients who suffer from them.


The result is spectacular, because the hell of chronic anal pain is immediately resolved from the first treatment session in the consultation, always on an outpatient basis and without the need to interrupt normal activity. The efficacy of this treatment is similar to that of surgery, but without its drawbacks and without the risk of causing incontinence. Whatever the treatment, it is convenient to eliminate other irritating factors that could favor their reappearance.

About us

Our Treatments

In a first free informative consultation we assess your case, we confirm the diagnosis, we plan the treatment and we budget for it at a “fixed price” to avoid final surprises. Our complete safety in our treatments allows us to offer our patients a guarantee of the result..

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A Coloproctologist is able to evaluate, diagnose and treat.

Coloproctologists are primary healthcare professionals who provide coloproctology services. Coloproctologists have years of study and a deep understanding of the rectum and how it works.

What to Expect at a Coloproctology Appointment?

On one side, we will be interested in the symptoms suffered by the patient and the time that has passed since they first noticed them. Besides, We will ask you if you have previously suffered from another anal pathology and if you have had previous anal surgery. If so and you have the reports of these operations, it is convenient to take them on that first visit.


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