It's the technique, where the hands become the indispensable tool for the healing of the patient, in which a candlestick examination may be able to detect pathologies and in turn treat them with various methods.

The wide range of therapies that exist in physiotherapy and the extensive experience of our professionals, allow us to speed up the recovery process from an injury, to obtain, that our patients regain their daily activity and functionality, as soon as possible.

The Clinic

OnGet Well Clinic we consider that the hands of our professionals are the best tool to treat the different injuries, that is why we are firmly committed to therapy, a group of specific techniques for the treatment of pain and other symptoms of neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction that are applied manually or instrumentally.

Manual therapy aims to restore joint movement, soothe joint pain, muscular etc., and the immediate improvement of the individual's functionality.

Our team

The team , consists of several physiotherapists, specialized in various techniques and in continuous training and directed by Trinidad Sánchez Fuentes, center manager. Physiotherapy is the non-pharmacological answer to treating physical ailments, These are therapeutic treatments to help the patient regain mobility or functionality of any limb.

The Get Well Clinic, is a site with the best professionals to carry out treatments and help recovery from injuries.

About us

What is a physical therapist?

Physical therapists are experts at identifying the root cause of an injury and treating it effectively. There are many settings in which a physical therapist can practice, including private clinics, gyms, hospitals, community health centers, residential care, assisted living facilities, home visiting agencies, workplaces and schools.

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A Physiotherapist is able to evaluate, diagnose and treat.

Physical therapists are primary health care professionals who provide physical therapy services. Physiotherapists have years of study and a deep understanding of the body and how it works.

What to Expect at a Physical Therapy Appointment?

A physical therapist works with you to explore your functional abilities and needs and to develop a treatment plan that incorporates current approaches and techniques.. On a date, you can expect a physical therapist to: Assess and diagnose your condition and needs. Help you set and achieve your physical goals. Create a personalized treatment plan that considers your health, lifestyle and activities. Prescribe exercises and devices (if required).


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