Facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation

The aesthetic treatment for facial rejuvenation is one of the most demanded in clinics in our country. Helps us temporarily eliminate expression lines: it is a toxin that, once injected, prevents the muscle from contracting, that is, it paralyzes him. This way the wrinkle is not formed. Its effect is temporary and lasts about four or six months, depending on each patient.

How do we apply it?

In a very delicate way and without anyone noticing, our surgeon, perform the technique in the areas that the patient needs it most and his face demands, also in our treatments the touch-ups are totally included, so that the result is always as expected. What's more, take advantage of our super offers 99 euros for an area and 270 for 3 areas. Come, friend, and take off years!

What it consists of and advantages

It is administered in a painless practical way thanks to an extra-fine needle. Once infiltrated into the muscle of the area to be treated, produces a relaxation of the same and inhibits its movement. The main advantage, compared to other aesthetic treatments, is that it is not necessary to go through the operating room since we avoid surgery. It can also be applied at any time of the year, regardless of sunlight.

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What am i gonna get?

With this treatment you will achieve a reduction of expression lines and wrinkles.
The treatment is simple and consists of using the appropriate dose for each type of wrinkle and skin in the area to be treated..

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Very easy, At Clínicas Mejórate we have a team full of highly qualified professionals, specialized in various techniques and in continuous training. It should also be said that we have the best prices in the Vega Baja.

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It is Very Important to Put yourself in Good Hands

If there's one thing beauty gurus have understood, is the importance of putting yourself in the hands of a good expert. Each face is different and must be treated in a personalized way. Only a professional with a lot of experience and exquisite taste will know how to click so that the final result is beautiful. It is not about changing the patient's face or erasing the expression in the purest “Instagram filter” style.. It is about erasing the passage of time on the skin and preventing the formation of new wrinkles, but without losing your personality and being able to smile in a natural and fearless way..

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