Teeth whitening

We want our rates to be adapted to everyone and for that reason we offer you an affordable dental whitening service.

We are in a society where every day more resources are allocated to the care of personal image. White but natural teeth represent a fresh and youthful appearance, giving a greater appeal to your image. More and more people are looking for a better image and teeth are not out of this reality. Having a white smile is a wish of many people and we can make it come true.

Whitening Risks

Teeth whitening is a treatment that, despite generally obtaining satisfactory results, carries a number of risks. It is the obligation of the dentist to inform about them so that they are considered prior to performing tooth whitening.

Among the possible risks of teeth whitening are cervical resorption, gingival sensitivity and post-operative tooth sensitivity. To reduce the effects, it is necessary to comply with the necessary biological safety measures, using the appropriate concentrations according to each technique and following the appropriate exposure times.

Causes of darkening

Following an inadequate oral hygiene and the consumption of certain products can cause alterations in dental staining. There are different types of dental stains that we can classify as intrinsic or endogenous stains and extrinsic or exogenous stains..

Within the stains intrínsecas o endohgenas there are those that affect the teeth in their formation phase, before they erupt into the oral cavity, caused by the consumption of certain medications such as tetracyclines, by enamel hypoplasia, vitamin deficiency or fluorosis. Do not hesitate to make an appointment!

About us

What is a Dentist?

A dentist is the specialist who is professionally dedicated to the care and treatment of tooth diseases such as cavities, to name one of the most regular and widespread.

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A Dentist is able to evaluate, diagnose and treat.

Dentists are primary health care professionals who provide dental services. Dentists have years of study and a deep understanding of dentures and how they work.

Bet on teeth whitening

One of the best letters of introduction we have is our smile.

Our teeth suffer a lot with the rhythm of life we ​​lead, products like tobacco, the coffee, has, wine, certain foods or certain medications make our teeth yellow, turn grayish, have spots and lose their whiteness.

With whitening what we achieve is to restore its natural white and freshness


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