Infant Learning

Child Learning

One of each 4 children have writing problems, one of each 6 writing and one of each 10 is below the school learning tests.

The optimal functioning of children's minds, above all, in the stage of the 0 a 3 years, is due to the game of neural interconnections. It was long ago determined that a person's intelligence was not measured so much by the number of neurons in the brain but by the number of neuronal interconnections it had..

Learning difficulties

Children will learn many life skills: to listen and speak, for example. Some may be more difficult to learn than others. If your child has had appropriate instruction and learning experiences, but he is not able to keep up with his peers, it is important to find out why and how to help.

Children with learning difficulties can be successful in school, work and relationships. Often, can benefit from help that draws on their strengths and addresses any area of ​​need.

Learning disability

Learning disability is a term used to describe a variety of learning difficulties that affect the way the brain gets, uses, stores and transmits information. Some children have specific learning disabilities (also known as DA), such as reading or math disabilities. Others may have conditions that affect learning such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (TDAH) or hearing loss. Call now and we will gladly assist you!

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Why so many problems?

Recent studies that affirm, that there is a programming that consists of sensory capacity, emotional, engine, digestive and immune system and that any alteration in one of these fields, It will not make the correct development of our little ones possible and will become possible learning and relationship problems in the future.

This transforms into children with poor motor skills, will be children with cognitive and behavioral problems already at 5 years.

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The importance of early detection of learning disabilities

Both families and professionals who are lucky enough to work and help the proper development of the little ones will strongly agree that prevention in any area is key to success., but when it has to do with our children we believe that it becomes something fundamental.

How do we prevent these problems?

In our clinic, We will explain the needs of parents and teachers in an early detection in children, in order to be able to have as soon as possible, the appropriate treatment for the pathology that is causing or will cause the cognitive / motor disorder.


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