Podiatry is a branch of medicine that aims to study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders that affect the foot.

The podiatrist is a qualified specialist, through his years of studies and his training, for the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions of the foot and ankle.


Treating a small foot discomfort early or detecting a bad footprint can avoid major problems in the short and long term. Podiatric health is essential to prevent the appearance of various pathologies that not only affect the feet, but also to other parts of our body such as knees, hip or spine.

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Podiatric Surgery

Following the highest quality premises, excellence and use of the latest advances and cutting-edge technology applied to the world of podiatry and health, We have launched the Ambulatory Foot Surgery unit

The objective of this unit is to provide definitive solutions to pathologies that have not been answered by foot and ankle treatment..

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What is a podiatrist?

He is the only educated health professional, trained and trained, with the aim of taking care of the health of the feet of the population. To do this, it diagnoses, treats, prevents and educates the public about their conditions and deformities.

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A podiatrist is able to evaluate, diagnose and treat.

Podiatrists are primary healthcare professionals who provide podiatry services. Podiatrists have years of study and a deep understanding of the feet and how they work..

Sports podiatry

Foot care should be present throughout our lives. We cannot forget that our feet will endure between 2 Y 4 times our weight with each step we take. In sports people it is even more important, if it fits, tread care, since it is a gesture that will be performed thousands of times.


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