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Welcome to Mejórate Clinic

Clínica Mejórate has the privilege of being the preferred medical center in the Vega Baja area.

The essence of our clinic is to take care of you globally. For this reason we are always innovating in our services. We know that the most important thing is health, including that of the little ones.

  • Clínica Mejórate is an IT-centric environment, where we will be able to solve your problems globally. Each case for us is unique and personal and that is how the care you receive will be: specialized in you.
  • In our clinic we offer a close and humane treatment, where the person is the most important.
  • We offer prompt immediate attention, effective and affordable.

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We value the Health and Time of your family

Get Well Clinic, is a full service center and aesthetic health care clinic located in the Los Montesinos area. We offer fast treatment, effective and affordable for illnesses and injuries that need immediate attention from certified specialists.


Our service includes Teeth Whitening, Cleaning, Orthodontics and Implantology.


Lactation service in conjunction with the midwife, a pioneering service. Pediatric Medicine, Infant Respiratory Service, Pediatric and adolescent psychology. Pediatric Podiatry.


We perform PCR tests, Biopsies and Antigen testing. Consult for more information.

Family Maternity Center

State-of-the-art care for mom and baby

At the Mejórate Clinic we have a unique full-service facility that offers future moms state-of-the-art care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. We offer care during pregnancy and postnatal treatment for you and your baby.. We want to help you enjoy your baby!

  • If your baby does not gain weight…
  • If it hurts to breastfeed your baby…
  • If you have inconsolable crying…

Don't worry, you've already found us!

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At Clínica Mejórate we offer physiotherapy and osteopathy services

We have a fast emergency service. Osteopathy is a specialty of physical therapy, focused on a global job. Our staff has received university training. Our treatments are personalized based on the patient's pathology.

  • Lumbalgias
  • Neck pain
  • Contractures
  • Sprains
  • recovery postquirúrgica
  • Other operations

Physiotherapy Center

Pelvic Floor Service

Do you have urine leakage? Do you spend a fortune on "ultrasonic pads"? Is sex not what it used to be or do you have pain when you practice it?? When you walk do you feel that "something weighs on you down there"?

All this is due to poor functionality of your pelvic floor. Do you know that we can help you? 

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